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Get your WordPress website verified for Brave Rewards



If you already know what Brave is and you are just interested in the verification steps, then you can scroll down to the next section.

Long story short, Brave is a browser. 

Exactly like all the other browsers that you use or you see around (Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Opera to mention the most popular), but with some additional features that, in my opinion, after more than 1 year of usage, make it the #1 browser around.

To mention some of its amazing features, Brave 

  • Is developed on Chrome so it includes all its goods
  • Comes with integrated AdBlocker and eventually a paid firewall
  • Allows you to choose which Ads to see and which no. And for the ones you see, you get rewarded with real money. Yes you understood well.
  • Has an integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet and gives you the possibility to buy cryptos and use them to tip Brave Creators websites.
  • Shows an amazing picture every time you open a new tab.
That’s not all of course, so if you want to check more about it, I suggest you to visit their website.

wordpress website verified for brave rewards


Having Brave Browser will allow you to take part to their Brave Creators Program by visiting the related page (link below).

After registration and wallet validation (I will not go deep since it’s not the main topic), you will be able to validate your website and any other Brave user will be able to tip you some BAT (Brave official cryptocurrency) which you can decide to store, use to tip more creators or convert in your preferred currency.

We will go now through some easy steps to get verified and become “tippable” and once you will complete all the steps, whoever tries to tip you will see a banner similar to this one (of course you can customize it from your Brave Creators dashboard).

wordpress website verified for brave rewards


As mentioned, no WordPress plugins will be needed. This because I tried different ways but I often had errors for different reasons. So I decided to use this approach which will work 100% of the times.

What you need:

  • A Brave Creators account (see section above)
  • A FTP Account for your website (normally it’s provided when you buy your hosting plan)
  • Filezilla installed on your pc (Free download here: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client)

STEP 1 - Retrieve your FTP account data

Login to your hosting service dashboard and look for the FTP profile.

In my case, it looks something like this

The data you will need are the following:

  1.  FTP IP – ftp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  2. FTP USERNAME – xxxxxxxxxx
  3. FTP PORT – xxxxx
  4. PASSWORD – You will be able to set it up

STEP 2 - Retrieve your Brave Creator data

From your Brave Creators dashboard, hit the “Add Channel” button on top.

A wizard will start asking for your website name and verification.

At the end of which you will be given a string which looks like this:


Copy this string on a plain text file and name the file “brave-rewards-verification.txt”

STEP 3 - Login your Website through Filezilla

Open Filezilla and input the data you got in step 1 in the appropriate field and login.

STEP 4 - Copy the text file into your website

From Filezilla, navigate to the “public_html” folder of your website and inside it create a new folder which you will name “.well-known“.

Inside this new folder, import the “brave-rewards-verification.txt” file that you created on step 2.

STEP 5 - Complete verification

Go back to your brave dashboard where you generated the verification string and hit the verification button.


Your website is verified and Brave users can now tip you.

Normally the verification procedure takes 1-2 days to complete so don’t worry if you don’t see your website immediately verified.

If you have any issue using this method or if you want me to focus on some topic mentioned in this post, just let me know in the comments!

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